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We make websites work better for you. Having an online presence was the first step to expanding your service online, now its important to make sure your website shows up in search results. Our Search Engine Optimization services are designed to help your business get the attention it deserves, no matter what business/service you do.

Who is this for?

Get an dedicated in-house team of experts who help you conquer your digital challenges and boost your online presence

How does it work?

Here is what our process looks like.


Discovery Phase

We begin each project with an in-depth review of current website traffic sources, domain authority, page authority, keyword ranking, pages indexed in Google—and many other attributes.


Strategy Phase

We then formulate a strategy that forecasts future events, milestones, and objectives and establishes clear metrics that will be our baseline upon which we gauge success.


Implementation Phase

Next, we look at the reasoning behind why and how a client wants to be found for specific keyword phrases, and have a comprehensive conversation about the best way to approach a solution. And then We continue to optimize your keywords, establish new ones and begin our link-building efforts to solidify your search results further.

Our results for clients

Codecademy is the globally popular coding learning platform and we work them on a strategic SEO consulting arrangement to explore new initiatives, consolidate on positions. Some highlights include,

Improving onpage experiences by building topical authority around specific learning subjects like SQL, Python, JS etc.,

Worked on a bunch of technical SEO fixes that could positively impact ranking positions.

Also did a backlink analysis on the huge list of backlinks they had acquired to filter out spam profiles.

We grew the revenue of this site primarily through SEO and achieved a jump to 250K traffic from 40K traffic. This was within a year.

Increase of organic traffic related to interview questions and how to answer them

Email list capture and growth.

Launched a free email course which brought in a funnel of people who cumulatively contributed $2 million in revenue within 6 months of launch

We have been handling SEO for internationaldrugmart website since Nov 2021

With our on page optimization and blog keyword recommendations we were able to see good improvement in the sale order numbers. On September 12 Google algorithm update their website has been impacted with rank drop for certain keywords which lead to sale order numbers drop.

We have been handling SEO for our healthcare sector partner since March 2019

They are health company and hence their keyword availability and scope was huge. Apart from On page SEO and choosing long tail keywords with good search volume, the main growth hack we did was implementing Vernacular content

We have been handling SEO for Fortune 500 cybersecurity industry since April 2021

It is an enterprise company providing cyber security solutions globally and hence their keyword availability and scope was huge. Apart from optimizing their existing website we found they had huge scope on informative contents as a glossary section, same like most of their competitors had.

We identified all keywords for the glossary section and provided comprehensive content briefs to the writers to making sure the content is SEO friendly and has good content score to perform better than the competitors.

The Social media scheduling and curation tool has a huge global customer base. Primarily targets B2B businesses that handle marketing for a variety of brands.

300k organic traffic in highly competitive industry like B2B social media marketing, targeting agencies.

Organic traffic generating around 6 million usd in revenue

Expanded and optimized content pages, specifically setting up listicles pages that right  now convert at 4%

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SEO Squad

We deploy a multi-skilled SEO squad consisting of team members that will be the best fit for improving your organic presence. They can plan, strategise and implement ideas to drive quality, targeted organic traffic.

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We kickstart the process with a value-packed audit call.

Let us know your objectives and get immediate value – we discuss potential approaches, right strategies, context around pain points, goals of your users and more. 

We then send a proposal with specific details about team, roadmap and delivery plan that can help you get started on improving your website’s visibility and attracting more visitors through search engines.

Frequently asked questions

Do you take care of content creation?

Yes! we will utilise all of the strategies that are needed to improve your organic visibility.

Yes! Alongside technical and on-page seo audit, we will review your backlink profile, analyse your competitors backlinks and suggest effective link-building strategies.

From technical and on-page SEO to content marketing, we make sure to maximise the effectiveness of your SEO campaign. We tailor our strategies on a case-by-case basis.

We would need access to your CMS (website backend) to be able to perform technical and on-page SEO. If you use any other analytics software to track the behaviour of your users (e.g. HotJar), it would be great for us to have access to that as well.

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